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Form or matter - the endless discussion in art world

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

How does art begin? What makes the artist grab his instruments and create?

What is more relevant - the fundament of deep sense or the beauty of the result? I've had some interesting conversations with other artists on Instagram, and I want to share here some thoughts.

I am a person, who is very concentrated on the form, the performance, the result of the artwork. I really enjoy the beauty around me and I want to create aesthetical art. And the visual part of art is definitely the first thing the viewer is confronted with. But I have also some experience with psychology and psychotherapy. And it is known, that behind each reaction stands an emotion, and behind each emotion is a cognition. The inspiration is a feeling, but it is a result of some thought. If you want to create something beautiful, you have to ask yourself - what is the thing that catched my attention? And why has it catched my attention? Realizing and analyzing it helps to make a good composition, to choose the colours, to create the necessary effect on the viewer.

There IS definitely an idea and an ideology after each artwork, hidden or exposed. If we look back to the history of art and to development of artistic performance, we will find that the first ideas behind creating art were depicting the appearance of the world around us. Afterwards, the artist started to let the seen and experienced through the inner filters. The impressionism might be the brightest example of it, but surely this phenomenon existed much earlier. On later stages of art history the artists started to use and reprocess real objects on their canvases to give a form to some inner thoughts and ideas. The final stage is letting all the objective form go and expressing the ideas in an abstract way. The thing I wanted to say with this little summary: No matter what kind of creative form the artist chooses - there is always an idea and an aim at the very beginning.

But I don't think the idea itself must be the focal point of art. It is the fundament, a part of an artwork, but not a reason to ignore the form. This two things should work in a tandem, one supporting the other. At my opinion also art doesn't have to "talk" ONLY about some loud themes and conflicts etc, even if it's often necessary. Some intimate themes also have place in art and that should be respected. Sometimes the deepest deeps can be discovered due to the most silent artworks.

What do you think about it?

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