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I am an Ukrainian-German artist, born 1991 in Kyiw and grown up in Germany near Kassel. I took up artistic activity in early childhood and was curatively accompanied by my grandfather Rolf Tschierschky (professional artist and set designer). After school graduation I returned back to Ukraine to study. Here I attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Ukraine for one year and got partial academic education in fine arts. Because of some rational reasons I changed my decision and became a doctor after six years at the National Medical University. Although I chose a different profession, I couldn't let my prior intentions go and continued self education in art with support and knowledge of modern artists.

Nowadays I live and work in Bad Arolsen, Germany. My art is recognized by galleries, museums and art societies

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Although I live in the middle of the continent, I am always attracted and enchanted by the sea or ocean. It is beautiful in each of its manifestations, it is the material form of liberty and power.

Strength and vitality, freedom and confidence - that's what I experience at the seaside. It's my charging station, my friend, my therapist. I want to share these feelings through my work.

Today people are drowning in a huge amount of information pouring in on them from different sides - fragmentary, contradictory, incomplete, turning their consciousness into chaos. In my work I try to step out of this flow and show the viewer a different state of balance and harmony, slowness of the moment and self-awareness through the greatest element on the planet. The basis of my art is repetition and meditative practice of watching the world around me: its outlines, details and small nuances. I invite the viewer to walk this path of reality recognition with me, which is why I use a hyper-realistic painting technique where every line in the picture plays a role as a guide.


My works are portals to a state of genuine joy and abundance so lacking in today's world of technology and post-truth.


I observe the diversity of waters on my travels to the seaside and bring the ideas thousands of kilometers with me to the canvas in the studio.

For many years, my favorite materials have been oil paints in combination with various media and surfaces such as linen, wood and aluminum. I am constantly learning about the techniques of old masters in order to get the best visual results and the best possible preservation of my artwork.


  • Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition 2023, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, 09.-10.2023

  • Overview, Galleria della Biblioteca Angelica, kuriert von Monica Ferrarini, Rom, Italien, 09.2023

  • Summerexhibition 2023, Signet Contemporary Art, London, 07.-08.2023

  • SY art/ Ukrainart art beyond borders - Ulike Teknikker, Bærum Kunstforening, Sandvika, Norwegen 3.6 - 25.6

  • 75 Jahre BBK Kassel, documenta Halle Kassel, Deutschland, 01.06-04.06.2023

  • FLINTA Best Age, Frauenmuseum Bonn, Deutschland, 2.4.-5.11.2023

  • Brücke, Galerie Violett, Kassel, Deutschland, 10.-12-2022

  • AQUA VITA, Galerie Bernhardt, Fulda, Deutschland 10.2022-01.2023

  • Beyond War, Galleri Nordnorge, Harstad, Norway, 08.-09.2022

  • Zeitenspiegel, Galerie Bernhardt, Fulda, Deutschland 05.-07.2022

  • Shades of Grey, The Stage Gallery, kuriert von Maruan Bahrour, Köln, Deutschland - 06.2022

  • Les Petits Eclairs, Galleria dei Miracoli, kuriert von Monica Ferrarini, Rom, Italien - 05.2022

  • Artbox Project Venezia 1.0 (digital) , Tana Art Space, Venedig, Italien - 05.-06.2022

  • Artbox Project World 2.0, URBANSIDE Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland - 02.-03.2022

  • Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition 2021, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London - 2021

  • Fall Online Exhibition, 2021, National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society, North Amerika, - 2021

  • Vernissage Makowski Gallery, Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin - 2021

  • (Im)Possibilities, Galleria La Pigna, kuriert von Monica Ferrarini, Rome - 2021

Art Fairs
  • Affordable Art Fair Singapore - 11.2023

  • Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London - 10.2023

  • 27. Fine Art Fair Women's Museum Bonn, 11.-13.11.2022

  • Hamptons Fine Art Fair, Southampton Fairgrounds, New York - 14.-17.2022

  • Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - 2021

  • art3f Monaco, Chapiteau de Fontvieille - 2021

  • Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Nacka Strandsmässan Stockholm, Sweden - 2021

  • Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, Messe Frankfurt, Germany - 2021

  • Artbox.Project Zürich 2.0, SWISSARTEXPO 2020, Zürich - 2020

Awards & Recognitions
  • Valentine Rothe & Renate Hendricks, 3. Preis

  • First Place in 2023 International Juried Art Competition "Water", Teravarna

  • Honorable Mention in "Water is Life" Contest, Artrepreneur, 2022

  • Special recognition of Multimedia Art contest Spring 2022, Blue Blood Gallery, Prague

  • Finalist of Artbox Project World 2.0 2022

  • Special recognition of Exclusive Art contest December 2021, Blue Blood Gallery, Prague

  • Recognition in the international selection of Luxembourg Art Prize 2021, 2020 by The Pinacotheque

  • Orange Book Vol. 2, Artrepreneur, 2023

  • The Purposeful Mayonnaise, Vol. 1, Ausgabe 5, 02./03.2022, Canada

  • Art Hole Magazine 13, 2021, UK

  • Contemporary Art Catalogue “Artists of Today and Tomorrow", kuriert von Monica Ferrarini mit Alice DiPiero’s, Gangemi editore, Dezember 2021

  • BBK Kassel-Nordhessen

  • Frauenmuseum Bonn (Women's Museum Bonn)

Art Residencies
  • Pouch Cove Residency, 03.2023

  • Cyprus College of Art, 09.2022

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